One of my favorite songs: Demons (A Short Review)

“When you feel my heat, look into my eyes.

It’s where my demons hide; it’s where my demons hide.

Don’t get to close, its dark inside.

It’s where my demons hide; it’s where my demons hide.”


This song is recorded by American rock band “Imagine Dragons”. The song has entered the Billboard Top 100 for twelve weeks in the top ten. It has won an iHeartRadio Music Award for Alternative Rock Song of the Year (2014) and MuchMusic Video Award for International Video of the Year (2014).  The song is an indie rock ballad while the lyrics portray the protagonist warning the significant other of his/her flaws.

I think this song, for me is one of the best. I have two opinions on this song. My first opinion is that this song is applicable to everybody to some extent. We all have our “demons” inside us. It may be depression, anxiety, drug abuse, jealousy, or any flaws a person have. These demons signify things that bring a person down physically, mentally, and emotionally and at the end of each day we all have our deepest hidden secrets and feelings.

The person in the song is doubtful to open up his/her secrets and feelings. There is a saying that “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Well, the line “look into my eyes, it’s where my demons hide, it’s where my demons hide”. It was pretty straightforward. Feeling of confused, tortured, or lost are horrible to experience but you know, in this world it is unavoidable to feel those feelings. What only differentiates us is our faith or what keeps us going, and how we deal our demons whether we choose to feed into them or not. There are always two natures at battle in us, and that is good and evil.

On the other side, the song signifies a bad person falling in love with an innocent person and the protagonist in the song has made a mess in his life and for him his life is depressing, and that there is no chance left. Everyone has given up on him and for him there is no one truly good left. Life has been hard for him. He may be good on the outside but he has demons inside. Then maybe the protagonist in the song met this innocent girl. Things have changed for him. He then tried to hide the truth from the innocent person because he wants to shelter her. Or maybe he wants to love her and things like that. But because of his demons inside or the problems he have, he just can’t hide it. Then again, the person felt hopeless and depressed and he thinks he needs to let the innocent person go because he might hurt her. He was trying so bad to escape from his demons and he really don’t know how. But he truly loves her and because of her innocence, the protagonist in the song saw light in her eyes.  He saw a chance. He found hope.


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